1997 MITSUBISHI CANTER, 3 ton truck sales.


1997 MITSUBISHI CANTER, FE638E, 3 ton truck Japanese used trucks sales.

CANTER FE638E, 4,56D, 3 ton, Wide long,
FOB US$11,500

CIF Dar es Salaam US$13,500 DRC, Burundi
Tanzania, Zambia + $500 JAAI, JEVIC
CIF Mombasa US$13,500
Uganda + $500 JEVIC
CIF Durban US$13,200 Zimbabwe, Mozambique, Lesotho.
Ask for other country, We welcome.


Contact us: E-mail: usedminibus@s9.dion.ne.jp 


1379-2-C-703, Nakajima, Chigasaki, Kanagawa, Japan/ Phone: +81-467-58-7432 / FAX: 467-88-3810/
E-MAIL: usedminibus@s9.dion.ne.jp and nakajima@aidjapan-usedcar.com/ WEB: http://aidjapan-usedcar.com   BLOG: https://aidjapan.wordpress.com/
Member of Chigasaki Chamber of Commerce Industry.
Used automobile quotient permission Kanagawa prefecture Public Safety Commission 452670003027
Japanese standard import and export cord : 1L125

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