The model number of MITSUBISHI CANTER.


FE3 serius   …..  1987-1993 
FE4 serius   …..  1987-1993   Wide
FE5 serius   …..  1993-1999
FE6 serius   …..  1993-1999   Wide
FE50,52,53 serius.  2000-2001
FE62,63 serius …  2000-2001   Wide
FE7 serius   …..  2002-
FE8 serius   …..  2002-       Wide.


FE537B       B is Short chasis. 4,7m
FE537C       C is middle long chasis. 5,1m.
FE537E       E is Long chasis.  6m
FE638F   F is Long chasis.  6,8m
FE638G       G is Long chasis.  7,2m

FE315B       5 is 4D32 engine.
FE516B       6 is 4D36 engine.
FE517B       7 is 4D33 engine.
FE518B       8 is 4D35 engine.
FE639E       9 is 4D34 Turbo engine.

FE517B       1 is 2 ton base.     
FE527E       2 is 2 ton base.
FE537E       3 is 3 ton base.
FE548E       4 is 3,5 ton base.

Oner 2000 year, FE51CB, FE63EE, FE70CB.  – C is 4D33, E is 4M engine.

FE is 2WD,  FG is 4WD.

FA and FB is 1,5 ton Guts model.

If you understood these, you just saw the model number, and it would be revealed CANTER of what kind of specification it is.

By Nakajima

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